In January 2013 Alex Mentis decided that the only thing he wants to do with his life is to make music (and everything that comes with it). After finishing his studies in performance arts and in contemporary music and after having worked in theatre, he created his own studio and he started writing songs about his life and other people's lives. He was born in Greece, he lives in France but he is neither French nor Greek. Home for him is Cocorosie's world, Amanda Palmer's concerts and Antony and the Johnsons' voice. He started out as a composer for theatre plays and in 2014 he put out his first self-produced album ''Somnium'', a series of dreams that he put to music in his tiny apartment in Paris. Since then he has played in bars and venues in France and in Europe. He treats his concerts as theatrical shows and on stage he creates a sound that combines live electronics, acoustic sounds and toys in a baroque-pop orientated style. In 2016 he puts out his EP ''The Big Picture'' and the first chapter of a video series he wrote himself, inspired by Lars Von Trier's and Pina Bausch's work.